Princess Marie as Patron of the National Association for Autism

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when will she be making a appearance for this Patronage?
when will she be making a appearance for this Patronage?

Nothing mentioned yet. Have to keep an eye on the calendar. it could take sometime for the event. She can be named as patron of something but not attend for a while or till the next event takes place.
I'm glad to see Marie taking on such an important patronage.
Thanks for the pictures. Im not sure if Marie has gained some weight in her face or her hair style just too flat for her. Im liking her jacket.

As patron of the National Association for Autism Princess Marie has visited an
autism project for girls with autism in Aarhus on May 13, 2011.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
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Princess Marie looks beautiful, and I love her coat. All these royal pregnancies are so exciting! Plenty of royal christenings this winter/spring :)
Thank you for the photos of Princess Marie. I'm glad to see her supporting such an important patronage as ASDs are a concern in so many nations.
Lovely outing and a nice support for a royal to be supporting. Its also nice to see Marie being active even though she is 7 months along. All the traveling and events can be tiring but Marie seems to be handling it all very well. I like her jacket, very pretty.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #46, 2011.
Marie støtter autisterne - Marie supports the autists.
Written by Trine Larsen

Our Marie is patron for the National Association of Autism.
And as such she visted the company The Specialists, located in Copnhagen.
This company is the first in the world which has employees with autism-spectrum disorders, ASF. (*)
These emplyees have, as a consequence of their disorder, special abillities which are utillised in their work.
Marie heard about their work and chatted with the autists.
She said afterwards: "It's been a lovely and very interesting visit. It's an utterly fantastically good concept, because many with autism have some quite unique competences and strengths, which you really can utllise in a company and by getting a job, people with autism also get the feeling of being part of the community/society".

Q: Do you know someone with autism yourself?
Marie: "Yes, I've had autism very close to me/know about autism intimately, so it's lovely to see how they are encouraged and can learn to use their special skills in a place like this".

(*) Is that autism in general ? Or is it a specific type of autism?
Perhaps someone can enlighten us a bit about autism?
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Thank you, Iceflower :flowers:

Two articles about our Marie on the job.
Marie trodsede blæst og kulde - Marie defied wind and cold.
By Marianne Singer.

Marie vil hjælpe - Marie want's to help.
By Trine Larsen.

The fair Marie is patron of the Autism Association. And when she arrived in Tivoli the weather was atrocious.
That didn't deter Marie nor the several hundred children suffering from autism who were gathered in order to see a childrens play from the Fairy Tale Theatre, who performed a Mid-pixie-nights dream (a variation of A Mid Summer Nights Dream, I guess). The performance lasted an hour and afterwards Marie said: "It was a fantastic performance, the children sang well and there was a good Christmas spirit/mood". She added: "We have put up the Christmas tree at Schackenborg".

La belle Marie has recently become patron of Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, a relief organisation from the state church and as such she took part in a Christmas event at Schæffergården (a large restaurant) in Jægersborg north of Copenhagen.
Here she was recieved by a familiar face, Erik Normann Svendsen, the royal confessionarius, who is also chairman of the council in Folkekirkens Nødhjælp as well a secretary Henrik Stubkjær.
As this is the second time only that Marie takes part in event in Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, it was all in her honour. Because this was a thank-you-event, where Marie was intruduced to various senior members of the organisation, representatives from foundation and donors.
At the same she was briefed about the work of the relief organisation. (And so were the donors).
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Princess Marie as Patron of the National Association for Autism has visited the National Association for Autism Elsinore Holiday Village in Helsingor on August 8, 2012.

The resort sponsors free summer holidays for single parents of children with autism.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** gettyimages gallery **

Here are the pics without watermarks:

** zimbio/gettyimages: Princess Marie of Denmark Visits Landsforeningen Autisme Helsingor Ferieby **

** Se billederne: Prinsesse Marie besøgte autistiske børn i Helsingør **

** gallery: Prinsessen fik fingrene i flødebollemaskinen **

** pp gallery: Princesse Marie : Superbe à Helsingor, elle contribue aux vacances des autres **
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:previous: Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

Here is a BT article about her charity: Prinsesse Marie har autisme i familien - Royale |

And a large picture from today:

Our Marie asked to become a patron for the National Association for Autism.

For the very simple reason that someone, she will not disclose who, in her family has autism.
She says: "I have autism in my nearest family, that's why I know how hard and how difficult it is. It's a handicap that afflict the whole family.
I have many friends who have children with autism. And I don't think the affliction is known enough. That I think is very important to inform about".

This holiday resort at Helsingør Marie visited today is for single parents with children who have autism.

Morten Carlsson, the chairman of the association, says about Marie and her ability to interact with children who have autism: "That calls for a special empathy and Marie has shown that she has that in abundance".
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A 23 pics gallery from BT about our Marie visiting the holiday resort at Helsingør, run by the Autism Association: Se de rørende billeder: En smuk prinsesse kom forbi |

The first pic is of five year old Martin, who is an autist.
Martin usually doesn't like for his hair to be kempt, but when he was told he was going to meet a princess there were no problems!

40 single parents with their children who are all autists, get a week of vacation in Helsingør, for free.

Picture #4. Jacob is fond of chocolate buns.

Picture #7. Marie oversaw the competition that involves throwing - and catching(!) chocolate buns.

Picture #12. Marie tries art of throwing a ball into the mouth of a clown - or something like that.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #33, 2012.
Marie og flødebollen - Marie and the chocolate bun.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Marie visited Helsingør Holiday Resort in her capacity as patron of the National Association of Autism.
Here 40 single parents were on a weeks free holiday with their children who are suffering from autism.
Our Marie came visiting on the day where family competitions are held.
She sat down on front of Oliver age seven, who said: "I like you".
Marie smiled: "Do you know me"?
Oliver: "No, but we might. Because I like you".
He then invited her to join him on the playground. Marie replied: "I'd like to, but first we must go for a walk and look at the houses where you live. But if you want to, you can come along". Oliver stood up and took Marie's hand.

One of the attractions on this this day was the chocolate bun machine. A kind of catapult, where you throw a ball into the mouth of a clown, triggering the catapult and then you are supposed to catch the bun in mid air.
Marie commented: "I've eaten chocolate buns but never tried a chocolate bun machine". (*)
Here she turned to one of the boys, Jacob: "Should we try to see if it works"? Yeah, okay. But then Jacob lost courage and Marie tried herself.
To her surprise she hit the clown right and the bun flew through the air and instead of catching the bun she ducked, cracking up with laughter.
That completely loosened up the mood and now all the children wanted to try the catapult.
Marie asked: "Do we have enough chocolate buns"? Yes, all the children could try.

Afterwards Marie said: "It has been such a lovely day and it's great to see how these families get the chance to have a nice holiday. It means so much because it's hard for these families. Not only do they have children with autism, but they are single parents as well, so it's a great place to create relations between children and parents.
There is autisme in my family and in my circle of friends, so I know how hard it is for the whole family".

(*) Flødeboller = chocolate buns are high explosive calorie bombs!
Often leading to this:

Thank you, Fairy Tale :flowers:

Let's have a look at what she's saying.
This translation is as close to what was said as I can possibly translate it. Phrasing and grammatical mistakes below are consistent with what our Marie said.

"I think it's very important to put focus on the handicapped people and how can you help them and improve their every day lives with new technology, innovation, offers. There are so many things here and it's exciting/interesting to have a place where people can share experiences and exhcange their ideas".

Q: What do you think of what you have seen? (Said very fast)!

M: "But/well as I say it was very exciting to see how newly technology can help handicapped people and there is a tele-machine (not sure what she is refering to), and there were games on the computer, there were so many different very, very exciting projects. I'm sure it will help many handicapped people, I hope so".

Q: As patron how important do you think it is to put focus on these things?

M: "As said before, it's very important to put focus on. And as patron of the National Association it's very important to put focus on (and here the video cracks up).

Her pronounciation is very good, she is very easy to understand. Her accent is fairly light. Especially towards the ending of the sentences, where we natives tend to snub off the endings anyway.
And as you can tell, her grammar was fine. She can hardly be blamed for the reporter not asking more varied questions!
So that's the level of her Danish.
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HRH Princess Marie participate on Thursday 26 September patron of Autism in Autism-Europe Congress in Budapest, Hungary, and the opening speech... More information
Dear Iceflower,

Let me a few correction to the previous post: is not the official website of the Hungarian Autistic Society, it is a national information portal run by me and my wife - parents raising autistic child.
If possible, please indicate the source of the pictures, the pic1 was originally taken and distributed by MTI (the major Hungarian News Agency), the pic2 about Princess Marie was taken by

We herewith say thanks to the Princess for standing with the cause of people living with autism.

Thanks a lot for the additional information, bardossi!

You obviously make huge efforts for the site, it looks so professional and is filled with that much information, I guess it's understandable that one thinks it may be the main official one :)

Has the event attracted more public attention and press coverage in Hungaria than in the rest of Europe? Judging from the importance of the event and cause, I'm a bit disappointed that we haven't found more coverage yet.

By now two pics have been added to the royal website:

** Åbningstale ved Autism-Europe Congress i Budapest **
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:previous:Marie looks great and with a positive smile. What a nice event. :flowers:
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