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    King Vittorio Amadeo II (1666-1732) and Spouses (Anne Marie d'Orléans & Anna Canalis)

    Portrait of Anne Marie d'Orléans. Portrait of Anna Carlotta Teresa Canalis di Cumiana...
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    State visit from Spain to the Netherlands: 16-18 April, 2024

    King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia will arrive in the Netherlands for their state visit on the 16th. The King and Queen will be accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albares. Source:
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    King Frederik X, Current Events Part 1: January 2024 -

    Today, King Frederik X receives ambassadors from Slovakia, the Republic of Guinea and Armenia in an accession audience. Palace of Christian VII, Amalienborg.
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    Juan Valentín, Pablo, Miguel & Irene Urdangarín, News and Events 3: Jan. 2024 -

    Pablo Urdangarín on his return to Barcelona. More photos of Irene Urdangarín in Cambodia...
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    List of European Royal Families Tiaras

    Empress Zita’s Diamond Tiara This tiara hasn't been seen since the 1950s. Had it been sold?
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    Habsburg Burial Places

    Tomb of Duchess Elisabeth of Württemberg in the Imperial Crypt. Tomb of Maria Theresa Empress of Austria in the Imperial Crypt. Tomb of Maria Ludovika...
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    Prince Nikolaos & Princess Tatiana Current Events Part 3: January 2022 -

    Princess Tatiana was appointed Ambassador of the Dual Career Program organized by the Athletes’ Committee of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.
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    General News about King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

    More photos:
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    Tatoi Royal Cemetery

    The Tatoi Royal Cemetery is in a wooded area on the estate. Several generations of Greek monarchs and their families have been buried at Tatoi. Buried in the Tatoi Royal Cemetery are: Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark (1880–1880)...
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    Portuguese Royal Palaces, Castles and other Buildings

    Palace of Ajuda throne room
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    King D. Pedro V 'The Beloved' and Queen D.ª Estefânia

    Portrait of King Pedro V of Portugal.
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    King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, Current Events, Part 4; February 2021 - present

    :previous: Video: More photos:
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    Bowing and Curtseying

    I think the monarchies that maintain the bowing and curtseying tradition the most are the United Kingdom, Denmark and Spain.
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    Bowing and Curtseying

    In Spain, members of the royal family still make bow/curtsy to the King and Queen.
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    Royal Teenagers and social media

    Victoria de Marichalar: Count Nikolai of Monpezat: Prince Aymeric: Countess Eloise of...
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    Princess Alexia and Princess Ariane, News and Events Part 1 (Jan 2022 - present)

    On the occasion of Princess Ariane's 17th birthday, the royal house released a photo of the princess taken in December.
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    General News about King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

    Infanta Elena visited Queen Sofia at the hospital this afternoon.
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    The Imperial Family of Japan: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2024

    Happy 65th wedding anniversary to Akihito and Michiko
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    Princely House of Fürstenberg

    A mass in honor of Ira Von Furstenberg was held in Madrid. His son, Prince Hubertus of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, and other personalities were present, including Jaime de Marichalar.
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    General News & Information on the Spanish RF

    Yesterday, before returning to Abu Dhabi, King Juan Carlos had lunch at the Zarzuela Palace with Queen Sofia, Infanta Cristina, Infanta Elena, Felipe and Victoria de Marichalar and possibly with King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia See videos here: ¡Primicia! El Rey Juan Carlos se despide de España...
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    Felipe Froilán & Victoria Federica de Marichalar News & Events 3 : May 2019

    Felipe de Marichalar this morning at the Adolfo Suárez airport to head to the Arab Emirates.
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    Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events Part 34: February 2022 -

    Prince Albert II of Monaco has inaugurated an exhibition in Barcelona.
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    Liechtenstein: Birthday and Anniversary Wishes 2024

    Happy Birthday to Princess Tatjana!
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    General News about King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia

    Statement from the royal house on Queen Sofia's hospitalization: King Felipe goes to the hospital to visit his mother, Queen Sofia, admitted for an infection...
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    Royal Family of Bulgaria 3: Aug 2023 -

    Mirko from Bulgaria has decided to introduce his girlfriend publicly. It happened this Saturday, during the wedding of José María Martínez-Almeida and Teresa Urquijo. Her name is Marta Embid and she is an anesthetist...
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